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A list of links to services like nanny placement agency, child and family photography, DNA artwork, parents magazines and websites that Emma Jenner at Emma's Children recommends.

Adept Staffing Agency | Emma's Links
Adept Staffing Agency

Adept Staffing Solutions is a unique and specialized staffing agency for full time and part time positions in corporate and domestic environments. Our thorough screening process as well as our unique candidate recruiting philosophy allows us to present the highest quality candidate possible to you. We care about our clients and our candidates and are dedicated to making the right match!

LA Parent Magazine

School on Wheels | Emma's Links
School on Wheels

The mission of School on Wheels is the enhancement of educational opportunities for homeless children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our goal is to shrink the gaps in their education and provide them with the highest education possible.  Every child deserves an education and since 1993 School on Wheels has been helping facilitate this.

Yonder Biology | Emma's Links
Yonder Biology

Consumer Watch | Emma's Links

"Consumer Watch features a comprehensive list of consumer products that are currently available or were previously available worldwide. Injury is the leading cause of death in children and young adults. According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were approximately 2,800 children, ages one to 14 years, that died from an unintentional injury, and they could have been avoided with awareness and product education. At our goal is to keep parents up-to-date on the latest child safety information."

Marjorie Salvaterra Photography

Legally Nanny | Emma's Links
Legally Nanny®
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Legally Nanny provides the legal and tax advice you need to hire and pay a nanny or other household employee legally.  We fill out all the initial forms and handle the legal and tax issues so you can save on your taxes and spend more time with your family.  Check out our website at today!